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We are your dental experts in the heart of Stolberg, especially for extensive treatments. We are known in Stolberg for our gentle treatment, especially when it comes to implants.

Implants placed and restored from 2007
Implant case from 2007 -image from 2008
Implants placed and restored in 2007 and in care in 2024
17 years later - recording 2024

Discover our innovative concept for permanent dental implants - gentle on oral health and of outstanding quality. Make an appointment with your dental implant dentist today

Implant fixed teeth dentist
Implant fixed teeth dentist

We attach great importance to modern and innovative dental treatments. Their passion is to make treatments as gentle and pleasant as possible for patients, especially those with dental anxiety. With their OneTimeClever concept, which is trained and applied internationally, they enable high-quality treatments in just a few sessions. We work together as a team. You as a patient get a radiant smile. We attach great importance to personal care and, on top of that, to quality dental care. In addition, the practice also offers lectures on implantology for dentists to expand their knowledge and improve their skills.

You need an implant and want to avoid long treatments? An immediate implant is placed in the jawbone directly after the tooth is extracted. This promotes faster healing. Make an appointment !

Studies show: Over 90 percent of implants can last ten years or longer. This is mainly due to care.

A dental bridge is considered less expensive than an implant. However, Prof. Beuer speaks of a primarily perceived cost difference: "Actually, the two procedures cost about the same. often overlooked disadvantages with bridge Grinding of neighboring teeth: destabilization

Stolberg implant dentist
Stolberg implant dentist

We all strive for healthy and strong teeth, and there are numerous ways to achieve this. Regular prophylaxis is underestimated. Prophylaxis is actually more cost-effective. Why is this prophylaxis so important, you may ask? Dental problems should be treated in just a few appointments. This will put you on the road to permanent teeth more quickly. People with dental anxiety often wish they could have everything done at once, which is exactly what we specialize in.

Special features Fixed teeth

Whether it's implants, general anesthesia, or the option to take your crown home right away, we are here to give you back your radiant smile. We do this in a modern, gentle way that is as comfortable as possible. Our precision dentistry aims to keep you biting down hard and laughing up to your ears, even at the age of 100.

Team MVZ Stolberg

Your dentists in the heart of Stolberg opposite the town hall
Main responsible dentists
Your dentists in the heart of Stolberg opposite the town hall
Dentist Milomirka Mirnic

GF OwnerZA Jan Goebbels

Jan Goebbels Your dentists in the heart of Stolberg opposite the town hall
Dentist Jan Goebbels Stolberg, implants and gentle treatment in Stolberg

Complicatedtreatments from your dentists in the heart of Stolberg opposite the town hall

You need tooth extractions, beautiful crowns and invisible braces from your dentist? We as a tooth etching and implnatologisch versed, can realize this quickly for you. Few appointments to the perfect smile.

Fear of us as a dentist or the implant ?

We offer personal dental care with nitrous oxide or general anesthesia. Also for implantations. Almost everyone is anxiety-free after the first general anesthetic and is happy to visit us again.

State-of-the-art and truly impression-free

We have found a way to shorten almost every dental treatment to just two appointments to make it as gentle and pleasant as possible. This is particularly impressive for extensive implant procedures.

Finally, we would like to share another piece of good news: We are able to produce dentures without the unpopular use of impressions. This innovative method not only enables maximum precision, but also ensures an overall improvement in the quality of results. As a result, this is undoubtedly an extremely positive side effect.


OneTimeClever concept - gentle - few appointments - high quality - unique

Specialized, competent and innovative dentistry in our practice - especially for implants

Anxiety patients benefit from dental treatment concept in Stolberg

What exactly are implants?

Implants as a firm foundation for dentures: Implants are artificial tooth roots that are securely anchored in the jawbone and act as a stable base for crowns, bridges or dentures.

Superior advantages of implants: Without a doubt, implants offer a variety of advantages over traditional tooth replacement solutions. Some of these benefits include:

  • They look and feel like natural teeth
  • They enable safe and comfortable chewing and speaking
  • They protect the jawbone from deterioration and maintain the facial profile
  • They are durable and easy to clean

Innovative dental implant concept: OneTimeClever at DieZahnarztpraxen

At DieZahnarztpraxen, we have developed an innovative concept for permanent dental implants that we call OneTimeClever. This pioneering concept is based on an internationally proven method that enables us to place high-quality implants in just a few sessions. In addition, we rely on extremely modern technologies such as digital planning, 3D printing and minimally invasive surgery. Our primary goal is to offer you a quick, painless and cost-effective solution to your dental problems.

KFO - Orthodontics - straight teeth for adults at the dentist

Transparent dental trays From the dentist in Stolberg . So comfortable to straight teeth

Palate free prosthesis

A palate-free prosthesis is a removable prosthesis that does not require a palatal plate. It offers you ultimate wearing comfort and a natural mouth feel. A palate-free prosthesis can be realized with or without implants. The advantages of a palate-free prosthesis include

  • It avoids the gag reflex that can be triggered by the palatal plate
  • It improves the sense of taste and eating sensation as it does not cover the palate
  • It makes breathing easier as it does not obstruct the air supply
  • It provides a more secure feeling in everyday life as it has a firm hold

At DieZahnarztpraxen, we are experts in palate-free dentures and can offer you a customized and precise solution. We will be happy to advise you on the various options and provide you with a no-obligation quote. Contact us today and let us give you back your radiant smile!



Your dentists in the heart of Stolberg opposite the town hall

We are extremely pleased with your interest in our offer. As accessible dentists who are always available for you, we would be extremely pleased to welcome you as a patient or to offer you a second opinion. We invite you to visit us without any obligation so that you can get to know us personally.

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Jessica Roemers Your dentists in the heart of Stolberg opposite the town hall

I completed my training in this practice and have been able to learn and experience a great deal over the years. The practice enabled me to get the job I have today as managing director of MVZ Michael Schmidt GmbH, which makes me very proud to this day. I love giving people their laughter and seeing that change that a confident glow brings. To feel this excitement when the treatment is more painless and faster than patients thought. Basically dealing with people - staff, as well as patients - so closely is incredibly fun for me.

Jessica Roemers - Management Assistant

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Innovative dental practice in the heart of Stolberg

We are filled with pride. We are the central dental practice in the middle of Stolberg. Our recent move has allowed us to expand our premises and we are now even more accessible. Our highly multilingual team offers a wide range of innovative dental services, including implantology, full dentures and general dental treatments.

Our primary objective is to make treatments extremely gentle. We offer a wide variety of options, including nitrous oxide and general anesthesia, to provide the best possible care for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

One of our outstanding strengths is our remarkable ability to create high-quality dentures without having to resort to conventional impressions. Commitment as a team is important to us. We also ensure that you receive extremely personalized care. The proven in-house OneTimeClever concept to complete treatments in just a few sessions. Our practice is ideally located directly opposite the town hall in Stolberg.

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