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Our company offers nice best prices for the highest quality dental care in Germany. We have achieved this through research projects with universities and partnerships with reputable manufacturers. These collaborations have allowed us to explore new approaches to improving our processes and taking advantage of digital technology in the dental industry. As a result, we are able to offer treatments and production methods in a streamlined and cost-effective way, while still using top-quality materials and maintaining high standards. We have achieved significant time and material savings by eliminating unnecessary steps and using digital technologies such as digital impressions, modern software, and digital production methods. This allows us to offer faster and more affordable services without sacrificing quality. The use of digital technologies also reduces the need for manual rework and finishing, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process.

price-conscious with the highest quality in germany?

Through research projects with universities and cooperations with renowned manufacturers, we have pursued numerous approaches to reinvent our way of working and to draw further benefits from the digital future in the dental sector as well. The close collaboration has put us in a unique position to co-develop further possibilities and concepts - but also materials - and in the course of this to optimize our own ways. As a result, we are now able to map treatments and production methods in a tested but reduced form without any disadvantages. In return, we continue to use the highest quality materials and process them with the same sense of value. We are just noticeably faster and cheaper by saving a lot of time and avoiding unnecessary use of materials. We, but also our patients, feel this on all levels.


Digital impressions save a lot of time and material. In addition, there are no transfer errors and they can be processed directly without any further work steps (e.g. plaster model, back check or similar).

Digital impression


We have the latest software to keep all areas of our service purely digital, with a few exceptions. Again, we save a lot of time and material due to missing back-checking steps, reduce transmission errors can extremely shorten appointment chains of our patients.

Processing Software Dental


This is where we consume material for your dentures for the first time. And only for what you will ultimately wear in your mouth. With the exception of a few remaining finishing steps, your dentures are manufactured purely by machine from high-performance materials in Germany.

Digital production


By consistently processing the initial information digitally, we can produce an almost finished result with modern manufacturing capabilities. Significantly less working time is required for post-processing and finishing.

5. years of experience with speial topics as a trainer for other dentists.

Great results ready from the machine

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