Removable denture without palatal plate- palate-free denture

What are palate-free dentures?

GAUM-FREE full denture on implants
GAUM-FREE full denture

Few implants - digitally produced outstanding teeth with palate-free prosthesis - extremely few sessions - inexpensive entry level.

Palate-free prosthesis without implants or with?

What are the advantages?

No more gag reflex!

More taste!

Better breathing!

In modern dentistry, there are various options for designing palate-free dentures for the upper and lower jaws. These options are suitable for patients with completely edentulous jaws as well as those who still have their own teeth. The palatal plate is the part of a denture that causes discomfort for many patients. For this reason, many people prefer removable dentures or palate-free teeth.

If you put your dentures in a glass of water at night, it's time to see a dentist you trust. He/she can help you make a decision and suggest treatments that fit within your budget. Often there are favorable offers that you did not know about. There is certainly an option for you to receive a palate-free prosthesis as well. However, keep in mind that there are always alternatives if a colleague(s) advises you against implants.

In the case of residual teeth still worth preserving, this solution is particularly advisable from a health point of view, as in most cases the patient's own teeth can be preserved in the new denture or dentition. This is important to stabilize the jaw and reduce the risk of jaw misalignment. Palate-free dentures can also help to make chewing and swallowing easier, as they do not put any strain on the palate.

Overall, palate-free dentures offer a comfortable and healthy alternative to conventional dentures with a palatal plate. If you choose this option, your dentist will provide you with detailed information and instructions on the care and use I

Why are palate-free dentures useful ?

In addition, a palate-free full denture in the upper jaw without a palate plate not only looks more beautiful and natural as a full or partial denture, but also feels much more natural. There is no foreign body sensation in the mouth and the taste also changes quite a bit.

GAUMENFREIE full denture implants Stolberg
GAUM-FREE full denture

Solutions with dentures in the upper jaw without palatal plates offer significantly higher wearing comfort and esthetic advantages. The palate-free dentures for the upper and lower jaw prevent the negative effects such as foreign body sensation, chewing and articulation problems and taste and hygiene restrictions, for example, due to small pieces of food residue that can accumulate under the palate plate. Daily cleaning of the prosthesis at home is very easy and free of complications. You can quickly remove it yourself thanks to the telescopic mechanism, giving you complete control. Likewise, full safety as well. For this comfort I have developed my own internationally recognized and used concept .
The Implants give the total dentures optimal hold because they are ingrown in the jaw. Implant-supported dentures are very sustainable: implants remain in the body for decades or even a lifetime and are of very high quality. If biocompatible material is used, implants are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Implant is "hidden
The implant is "hidden

Implants can be placed for any indication - whether for a missing single tooth, a larger gap between teeth, where several teeth are missing in the back of the dental arch, and even for a completely
edentulous jaw. For tooth replacement in the upper jaw without palatal plate an absolute recommendation

Treatment concepts for edentulism in the mandible and maxillary prosthesis without palatal plate

Toothlessness primarily affects older people, but younger patients can also experience significant problems at an early stage when the upper or lower jaw is only partially edentulous. The cause of early tooth loss and toothless jaws is usually severe periodontitis, such as the dreaded periodontosis (inflammation of the periodontium). This is extremely underestimated. Every day it is difficult to convince patients that prophylaxis is extremely important. Also, that about 75% of the population suffers from periodontal disease. The loss of one's own teeth is usually treated by dentures in the form of partial or total prostheses, which, however, significantly affects the quality of life when eating, speaking and laughing, as well as from an aesthetic point of view. And that means it can end up affecting self-confidence and the psyche.
In order to preserve the valuable quality of life of your patients, specialized implantologists have different treatment concepts for the edentulous jaw, based on different numbers of dental implants. Before a fixed bridge is fabricated with the corresponding costs, but the healing phase must be observed in any case without a temporary denture, it is a consideration to think about the maxillary full denture without palatal plate. Because this also goes as a direct or immediate implant with immediate loading through a temporary.

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