Your smile is important. It is not only one of your individual trademarks, but also radiates your cheerfulness and well-being. If you can smile carefree and honestly, your environment will hardly be able to escape this effect. You appear attractive, balanced and humorous - just by showing your teeth.


In addition to the innate color of teeth, the discoloration of teeth with increasing age is also a problem for many people. Many people feel inhibited by this to show their smile openly. There are many different causes of discoloration. Individual lifestyle, accidents or, for example, taking certain medications can cause deep-seated discoloration of your teeth that cannot be removed by conventional means and even by professional teeth cleaning

To the perfect laugh belong white teeth deswgen bleaching
Be able to laugh without restraint with white teeth
Bleaching - Special lamp


Professional whitening (called bleaching) provides a remedy in this case. Professional bleaching in our dental offices can restore your natural tooth color and furthermore lighten it.

As a dental practice for aesthetic dentistry, we offer bleaching among many other services. Among the many different methods of bleaching, we have chosen to use the bleaching lamp. Compared to all other procedures, this method offers numerous advantages.

  • Fast and convenient teeth whitening
  • Long lasting result of whitening
  • Low sensitivity after bleaching treatment
  • Proven safe and effective
  • Bleaching in Aachen is performed exclusively by a specialist


Bleaching - the way to bright teeth
Bleaching - the way to bright teeth before and after
Bleaching - the way to bright teeth
Bleaching - the way to bright teeth


Bleaching - clean everything first

1st step before bleaching

Before treatment, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned by a professional dental cleaning. This allows us to better determine your actual tooth color before bleaching.

Bleaching - then protect everything

Step 2: Preparation

A special protective gel is first used to protect the gums. The whitening gel is then applied to the teeth.

Bleaching - a combination of paste and light

Step 3: Bleaching

Under the influence of the light of the bleaching lamp, the active ingredients of the bleaching gel are activated for about 15 minutes. This process is repeated several times depending on the desired degree of whitening.

Bleaching - result

Step 4: Your result from teeth whitening

The whitening result is hard to miss and your smile shines bright white within one session.