Ceramic implants


Are you looking for a natural and esthetic solution for your missing teeth? Then ceramic implants are the ideal choice for you. Ceramic implants are made of biocompatible material that blends harmoniously into your jaw. They offer you many advantages, such as high compatibility, a low tendency to inflammation and optimal adaptation to your tooth color. At the dental practices, you can obtain ceramic implants of the highest quality, which are inserted by experienced dentists. We will be happy to advise you on the options and costs of ceramic implants. Visit our website or make an appointment. The dental practices are your competent partner for ceramic implants.

Special esthetics of ceramic implants

If you are looking for a particularly esthetic solution in implantology or if you suffer from allergies, then ceramic implants are the right approach for planning. Especially in the anterior region, ceramic is the right choice for the highest demands.

For a long time, titanium was the only medical material used in implantology. For dental implantology in particular, however, ceramic is the more sensible alternative from an esthetic point of view. We can set even higher visual standards with it and also meet them in the long term as the gums move over the years.

Metal-free implants for a secure smile
With Karamik implants in Stolberg, all components are metal-free and biocompatible

Variants of ceramic implants

As with titanium implants, there are one-piece and multi-piece forms of ceramic implants. Multi-part ceramic dental implants combine all the advantages of all implant types at once. Unfortunately, the multi-part design and the material are difficult to manufacture, which is why we use implants from experts. To convince ourselves of this, we have not only the literature and our own experience of more than 15 years. We have also been to the factory and personally convinced ourselves of the quality.

Advantages of modern ceramic implate

1. the special aesthetics

If the gums recede over the years, ceramic implants may show through the gums. Gum recession often occurs if dental care at home or special implant prophylaxis is not used correctly, just as with natural teeth.

The probability that the ceramic implants will look like this after a few years is low

2. ceramic implants are 100% metal-free

For patients at risk of allergies, ceramic implants are often the only option to think about this form of tooth replacement. Therefore, ceramic implants fill an important niche in implantology. The body recognizes ceramic like the body's own water. There is no interaction and no rejection reactions of the body. This is not the case with all metals including titanium.

3. ceramic implants are biocompatible

According to recent studies, the universities of Geneva and Bern have been able to prove that ceramics do not interact with bone or tissue in any way. Chemical reactions with other substances and materials, such as dentures already present in the patient's mouth made of typical materials used in the dental industry, have also been proven to be non-existent. Another reason that makes ceramics a particularly sensible alternative in individual cases.

4. ceramic implants heal particularly quickly

Studies show that ceramic implants heal particularly quickly. This reduces the stress for the patient, as he can wear his dentures as early as possible.

5. high reliability

We offer our patients ceramic implants from renowned manufacturers. Strict quality tests in manufacturing by certified companies also give the implantologist the certainty that his patient has been provided with first-class implants and will finish the therapy with a healthy smile

The ceramic implnatat completely adapts to the bone and is biocompatible

6. proven durability

Ceramic implants are milled from a high-density blank. Their longevity is comparable to titanium implants. The high reliability and material strength has been proven not only by tests. Ceramic implants have been used successfully for many years and have proven their worth.