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It's great that you have discovered our website! This is due to our worldwide unique dental implants concept, which was developed by us. Do you find this interesting? Our practice is the ideal choice for anxious patients as well as patients who want an uncomplicated dental implant treatment.

Here are some advantages of dental implants that you can expect with us:

  1. Minimal scheduling: We minimize the effort for you by efficiently arranging appointments, even in difficult situations.
  2. A highly qualified team: Our dental implant experts have extensive experience to meet your needs in the best possible way.
  3. Low-pain treatment: We attach great importance to the comfort of our patients and ensure that our procedures are as painless as possible. Compared to tooth removal, our method is significantly more comfortable.
  4. Safe and predictable: Our processes are secure and highly predictable to provide you with a high level of confidence.
  5. Digital support: Our advanced technologies and digital tools support our treatments to provide you with the best possible care.

Our concept, the "One Time Clever" concept, is characterized by its simplicity and efficiency. As the name suggests, we strive to design each step of our treatments so that it only needs to be performed once. This often means that several "old" treatment steps can be covered at once. This means not only a considerable saving of time, but above all a higher level of comfort for you as a patient.

Advertising image of our special concept of gentle implantation. Here is an example of the required parts of the implant and the abutment
Implant concept from our practice

If you are looking for an implantology practice that covers a wide range of possibilities and uses state-of-the-art techniques, you have come to the right place. Not only do we excel in lectures and publications, but we have also developed an innovative, gentle concept that is recognized worldwide.

Even in challenging situations, we strive to find effective solutions together with you. Our approach starts where your doubts lie, and we stand by your side. Schedule a consultation to be inspired by our commitment and expertise.

Digital effort for dental implants
This is how complex implantation is, before implantation, (c) TheDentist's Office

Short and sweet: Why dental implants are the right choice with us

We were the pioneers of live navigation in Europe (X-Nav), our practice is imprint-free, we have plenty of experience and our own internationally recognized concept. In addition, we offer training. Complex works are everyday life for us.


Functional principle of modern dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are anchored in the jaw to serve as a stabilized base for dentures. These implants are made of biocompatible materials such as titanium or ceramic and have a screw-like structure, with characteristic threads as well as a rough surface. This structure allows for a strong connection with the surrounding bone tissue, which occurs during a crucial phase called the "healing phase." This phase extends over several weeks and is essential to ensure that the dental implant is optimally prepared for its function.

In addition to the healing phase, the healing of the gums after the implant placement is of crucial importance. Successful healing ensures that no inflammation or infection occurs, which in turn ensures the long-term stability and functionality of the dental implant.

Dental implants - gentle - precise
Dental implants - gentle - precise

The gum in its original function

You can see from the schematic representation that the gum assumes its original role in dental implants: It perfectly surrounds the tooth (replacement) and seals the implant canal up to the jawbone. It must be ensured that the development of germs in the area of the implants is not increased by shaping the abutments well with the gums.

Variations of dental implants

There are many different variations of dental implants that are suitable for different applications. One of the most important factors is the amount of bone present. Both the ratio of the upper jaw to the lower jaw and the ratio of the anterior tooth to the molar region vary greatly. In addition, in implantology we distinguish between different materials (ceramic and titanium) and the conceptual design of an implant (single-unit and multi-unit implants).

Dental implants - gentle - precise

Dental implants - gentle - precise
Short, thick implants for the molar region
Dental implants - gentle - precise

Thin, slender implants in the anterior region



Their small diameter makes one-piece implants so special. This makes implantation possible even where there is too little space for conventional implants. This often occurs with implants for single teeth, but is also used in other areas. For example:

  • Anchors in orthodontics
  • for full dentures in case of problems such as pressure points and insecure retention
  • Interim implant for the cementation of long-term temporaries
Dental implants - gentle - precise
Dental implants - gentle - precise

Of course, one-piece implants also vary in length, but the small diameter below 2mm is often the key for implantological planning. Conventional implants measure well over 3mm in diameter. This is achieved at the expense of the interior. One-piece implants do not have one and therefore no screw connection is possible.

See a difference in size of classic implants compared to one-piece implants in the X-ray image.


  • Fast implantation: Due to the smaller diameter, the gum usually does not have to be opened separately.
  • Low trauma and therefore particularly low postoperative pain, often no pain at all after surgery
  • Good fixation of full dentures
  • Cost-effective alternative for edentulism
  • Well suited for single tooth replacement in small teeth, e.g. in the lower front or for replacing lateral incisors in the upper jaw.
  • As interim implants when long-term temporaries become necessary, e.g. due to extensive bone augmentation.


  • Titanium alloys: no optimal compatibility.
  • Less flexible, as one-piece - there is no variance due to the structure
  • Firm bond between denture and implant



Multi-part dental implants made of titanium, are the standard in implantology. Due to their modular design, they are highly flexible and thus offer numerous advantages.

Moreover, the high popularity among buyers has allowed this form of implants to develop a healthy price-performance ratio.

Dental implants - gentle - precise
Dental implants - gentle - precise


The basic concept of screwing the abutments results in a decoupling of visible elements (built-up denture) and the actual implant in the jawbone, where it grows firmly. Once the prosthesis has been fabricated and inserted, it is firmly attached to the abutments, but can still be removed for cleaning and implant prophylaxis as part of the usual follow-up care. The advantages are as follows:

  • Better control possibility of the oral health
  • Better hygienic efficiency in implant prophylaxis
    Combinability of ceramic and titanium for better esthetics
  • More complex work over several teeth can be realized
  • Repairs of larger work become possible at all by removing the denture

Why choose dental implants?

What if the tooth is missing?
Laughter is fundamental - but not without teeth.
  • Natural look and feel: Implants look and feel just like real teeth.
  • Long-term solution: With the right care, implants can last a lifetime.
  • Maintaining jaw health: Implants prevent bone loss and support the health of the jawbone.
Schematic representation of four implants with a beautiful prosthesis
Perfectly placed implants - digitally planned - no impression taking

Advantages of our practice:

  • Experience and expertise: Our dentists have many years of experience in implantology.
  • Modern technology: We use state-of-the-art technology for precise diagnostics and implant placement.
  • Patient-oriented care: Your well-being is our top priority. We take time for you and answer your questions comprehensively.
Woman bites on an implant - with the slogan-Give us a day and we'll change your life
We can change your life. - Give us a day

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