Laser therapy

Our dental practices offer the use of a special laser in prophylaxis to reduce the concentration of bacteria even further than is possible with professional tooth cleaning (PZR). Deep in the gum pockets, where even professional teeth cleaning cannot do anything, a certain number of bacteria remain even in very clean teeth. In the case of acute complaints, we can also treat there with the laser and support a periodontitis therapy.

Step 1: Professional teeth cleaning

As you can see, even completely healthy people accumulate plaque, which in turn increases the concentration of bacteria. If there is a noticeable recession of the gums, a PZR alone will not cope with the bacteria. Although plaque can also be removed slightly deeper at the neck of the tooth, the dangerous bacterial strains remain deeper in the gums.

Step 2: Laser treatment

As shown in the figure, a special laser from prophylaxis reduces the concentration of bacteria even deep in the gum pockets. This can stop gum disease. Plaque and bacteria form again after some time and it is advisable to have your dental health checked especially regularly as part of prophylaxis.