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Our concept is unique and is used worldwide. It was developed here in our practice and is based on over ten years of research and a wealth of experience.

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It encompasses the entire dentistry !

Essentially, it means for you, short treatment time, more pleasant treatments and much much fewer appointments.

Gentle Bahanlding - few appointments - highly modern - top quality

Let me give you an illustrative example of our OneTimeClever concept: Let's say you need comprehensive treatment for all your teeth. Preparation takes place in just one or two appointments, followed by another appointment for the placement of dentures or implants. Finally, delivery takes place in another appointment. This procedure allows you to make a well-informed decision about the future of your teeth, as you have been fully advised by our experts.

Gentle and precise implantation

Surely you know this: The decision for dental treatment is often difficult. You may have already sought opinions and heard that treatment is not possible in your case. Or there are other reasons that have prevented you from deciding in favor of fixed and healthy teeth. But maybe you have simply missed the right concept so far, which will help you achieve your goal in an understandable and uncomplicated way.

Implants are the standard - OneTimeClever Konzpet.

After completing their treatment, many of our patients are surprised at how straightforward the process actually was. They can't explain why they hesitated for so long. Often, fear of the unknown is a decisive factor that kept them from taking the first step. But advice from non-experts also plays a role, as they may not be aware of all the current options and therefore cannot offer comprehensive advice.

Laughing gas makes calm and relaxed at the dentist

Concerns about implants

At our practice, we pride ourselves on helping patients like you overcome these concerns. We offer not only a wide range of state-of-the-art treatment methods, but also a simple and understandable approach. Our goal is to make your path to strong, healthy teeth as transparent as possible and to ensure that you are fully informed.

Expertise in implants - OneTimeClever Konzpet

Our experience and expertise in dentistry allow us to provide you with the best possible advice and tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. We understand your concerns and are here to answer your questions, ease your fears and pave the way to a bright smile.

Modern implantology - More advantages - OneTimeClever Konzpet

Modern dentistry offers a variety of options that you may not have been aware of before. Let us inform you about the latest technologies and treatment approaches so that you can make the best possible decision for your dental health. We look forward to guiding you on your journey and providing you with the best care possible. Take the first step, and contact us for a personal consultation. We are here to help you.

Are you looking for an expert who can provide you with permanently fixed teeth in a simple and straightforward manner? Our comprehensive expertise includes state-of-the-art digital planning techniques, efficient preparation processes, and shortening the overall treatment time. Our highly qualified team brings concentrated expertise to bear to ensure that you, too, can bite enthusiastically at the end with a radiant smile and perfectly functioning teeth.

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Our priority is not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. Our goal is not only to solve your dental problems, but also to improve your quality of life. We know that fixed teeth are not only important for your health, but also boost your self-confidence and beautify your smile.

By using the latest digital planning methods, we can maximize the precision and efficiency of our treatments. Our focus is on making the treatment process as uncomplicated as possible for you, without sacrificing quality. We are proud that our patients are not only satisfied with their results, but also find the entire experience extremely positive.

Our patients are our best ambassadors. Many of our satisfied patients recommend us to others, and for us that is the most beautiful confirmation of our work. We want you to be part of our success story, too, and look forward to paving the way to fixed teeth for you. Contact us today for a personal consultation. Our experts are available to answer all your questions and develop a customized solution for your needs.

simply make an appointment, if necessary also online

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