Direct / Immediate - Implantation

A gentle option: from tooth to implant in one step
A gentle option: from tooth to implant in one step

Immediate implant placement, also known as direct implant placement, allows the implant to be inserted directly after tooth extraction. This has the advantage that the procedure can be performed more quickly and painlessly, as no additional anesthesia is required for implant placement. This can be a great relief, especially for patients who are hesitant about implant placement due to fear or uncertainty. Immediate implant placement also offers the advantage of speeding up the healing process of the implant, as it is placed immediately after tooth extraction, thus supporting the natural bone structure of the jaw. In this way, the implant can fuse faster and the function of the lost tooth can be restored.

So if your dentist(s) also implants you, everything is done in one session if you wish, and you are one of a large number of patients who have chosen the path of immediate implantation.

Advantages of immediate implantation

  • No extra effort
  • No extra anesthesia
  • No stress
Gentle is Immediate Implant
Direct or Immediate Implant. Gentle is Immediate

What is the exact procedure for treatment with direct/immediate implants?

You can think of it this way: in direct/immediate implantation, the process is just like tooth removal. The only difference is that the implant is placed immediately after the tooth is removed. This process usually does not take 5 minutes longer. For you, this means that when you leave the office, you already have the implant in your mouth. The healing phase with and without the implant is almost identical. Later, a dental crown can be screwed onto the implant, even without anesthesia. This also applies to crowns or bridges on artificial tooth roots.

Immediate implant planning
Immediate implant planning and consultation

Direct / Immediate - Implantation as part of the concept

This gentle implantation describes only one possibility or rather a tiny part of my concept "One Time Clever Concept" for gentle implantology. My complete concept includes numerous other steps that enable my patients to have a new smile with desired teeth from the expert as pleasantly as possible. My own implant system as direct implantation is in combination the optimum for my customers.

Always get good advice

Consultation is also important for these dental implants with direct / immediate - implants, the exact explanation and the selection of the case as well. In a few situations, it requires a healing period after the extraction of the tooth. Ask the expert who does this every day and not the colleague who does not know this type of treatment from his own experience. Immediate implants have become an integral part of the treatment spectrum. Special concepts such as the "All on Four Concept" are also presented accordingly.

good diagnosis is part of the consultation
The right diagnosis with a lot of experience is quite important.

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